HiMedia Laboratories' European Central Warehouse

Your source for HiMedia products in the EU

HiMedia is one of the big five companies for your one stop shopping. Although HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is based in Mumbai (India), you can purchase our products directly in Europe through our network of dedicated distributors.

Since 2017 the HiMedia Europe head office is located in Einhausen (Germany), very close to the highway A5 and the Frankfurt a. M. airport. Here we operate the European central warehouse, where we can store many products as needed for fast transport to our dealers.

The diversity of the stock is growing continuously. Our portfolio includes products for your scientific work like highly specialised products for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry as well as the clinical and diagnostic sector.
HiMedia covers the fields of microbiology, animal cell culture and plant tissue culture, molecular biology, chemicals and laboratory aids. Within the product lines you have the choice from animal or non-animal (HiVeg™) derived peptones and media up to chemically defined media (HiCynth™) in the branches of microbiology and cell culture.

HiMedia is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, WHO GMP and inspected through the FDA. Quite some of the products are available with Halal certificate, too.

News & Announcements

HiGargle™ Saline Gargle Kit (MS6760)20210817141323
Salivol™ (LA1092)20210817130203
Patents Granted for HiMedia Salivol™ and Stoocol™ Sample Collection Devices20210817125311
IDEA LEADER – A story by Dr. G.M. Warke20210716133011

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